“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will”

Vince Lombardi
Nov 13

Charitable Partner: The California Showcase

The California Showcase is a free one day, non-profit event presented by Coach Terry Donahue (formerly of UCLA, 1976-1995) and the National Football Foundation (founded in 1947 with current President/CEO Steve Hatchell) for high school seniors to display their skills to Division II, III, and NAIA football programs. Coach Donahue and …

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Nov 13

Spotlight: David Vobora, 2008

From last pick to starter, linebacker to rehab, painkillers to Performance Vault, David Vobora has experienced it all. But it isn’t his accomplishments and his failures that wrote his story, it’s what happened between those times that shaped his life.

Vobora was the last pick in the 2008 NFL …

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Sep 10

Why Frank Gifford Was The Ultimate Giant

There is no doubt that Frank Gifford was a giant on the football field. During his early years as a running back and receiver for the New York Giants, football wasn't the national pastime it is now. The football legend played a big part in the sport becoming the obsession it is today. His influence didn't stop there, if anything, it became even larger when he became a television broadcasting icon. Read more

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