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“What does "Undefeated" mean to you?”

Sep 10

Why Frank Gifford Was The Ultimate Giant

There is no doubt that Frank Gifford was a giant on the football field. During his early years as a running back and receiver for the New York Giants, football wasn't the national pastime it is now. The football legend played a big part in the sport becoming the obsession it is today. His influence didn't stop there, if anything, it became even larger when he became a television broadcasting icon. Read more
Aug 19

How JJ Birden's Perseverance Landed Him A 9-Year NFL Career

The story of how JJ Birden ended up playing football in the NFL is one of dogged perseverance and self-belief. Birden was always an athlete, starting out as a track star and advancing to the Olympic trials. He also wanted to play college football; but there was a problem. At 5'10" and 150 pounds, he was considered too small. His coach helped him realize his dream of playing football. Read more
Aug 7

Daughter Of NFL's Devon Still Receives 2015 Jimmy V Perseverance Award

Leah Still, daughter of Devon Still, defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, was the recipient of the 2015 Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the the ESPYs in mid-July. Leah was not well enough to attend, so her father accepted the award on her behalf. The award was given to Leah in recognition of her perseverance in waging war against cancer. Read more

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