“What does "Undefeated" mean to you?”

Jul 30

Expert Declares The Relevance Of Mr. Irrelevant

Perseverance is a huge part of the journey to success. Without it, dreams are lost and goals unmet. That's why Foundation for the Undefeated celebrates Mr. Irrelevant, the final selection in the NFL Draft each year. In her article below, Dr. Shelly Zavala shares her understanding of the far-reaching significance of last pick. She recognizes that although many would consider him the underdog, his story is one of perseverance and triumph. Read more
Jun 9

Photos: A Very Relevant Weekend For Mr. Irrelevant XL

While Irrelevant Week doesn't kick off until Tuesday, July 7, Mr. Irrelevant 2015 got a preview when he participated in the 22nd Annual Balboa Island Parade on Sunday, June 7. Gerald Christian, one of the NFL's newest stars (as tight end for the Arizona Cardinals) and this year's 40th Annual "Mr. Irrelevant," was featured in this fun-filled event for all ages. Christian tossed mini-footballs and candy to hundreds of spectators along Marine Avenue. Read more
May 12

10 Questions With Mr. Irrelevant XL Gerald Christian

Gerald Christian of the University of Louisville was the overall final pick of the 2015 NFL draft, a selection that earned him the "honor" of being named Mr. Irrelevant 2015. Christian, the Arizona Cardinal's tight end, is the 40th Mr. Irrelevant. The award dates back to 1976 and was created by former NFL player Paul Salata. We caught up with Christian to find out what it's like to be named Mr. Irrelevant, how he got here, and what's to come. Read more

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