Why Frank Gifford Was The Ultimate Giant

Why Frank Gifford Was The Ultimate Giant

Frank-GiffordThere is no doubt that Frank Gifford was a giant on the football field. During his early years as a running back and receiver for the New York Giants, football wasn’t the national pastime it is now. The football legend played a big part in the sport becoming the obsession it is today. His influence didn’t stop there, if anything, it became even larger when he became a television broadcasting icon.

Before the glory years with the Giants, Gifford navigated somewhat of a tumultuous childhood as his father struggled to find stable work during the Depression. Gems always shine brightly wherever they are, so it’s not surprising that when he arrived at the University of Southern California, Gifford already had the makings of a football star. While at USC, he was an all-American, running and passing out of the single wing, playing in the defensive backfield, and place-kicking.

By the time he was selected by the Giants in the 1952 draft, Gifford was a master player on the field. From 1952 to 1960, Gifford’s athleticism gained him renown among his peers, many of whom were stars in their own right. He continued to strive and improve, and kept persevering, just like he did after a severe injury in 1960 that almost sidelined his football career. He was down, but not out. His dogged perseverance continued after his concussion, and after retiring from the sport in 1961, he returned for an “encore performance.” He once again made it to the Pro Bowl in 1963, having made seven consecutive Pro Bowls prior to his 1960 injury.

Of course, we also know him as the “Monday Night Football” sports broadcaster,

Gifford’s exemplary perseverance on and off the football field embodies the principles of the Foundation of the Undefeated. Following his August 2015 passing at age 84, we are reminded of his vast achievements and that champions are never defeated.

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